Links of Q3, 2015

It has been 26 weeks since my last “link of the week” roundup. A concussion can have that effect on your life. Starting to feel more like myself and that means more things to share. There is quite a variety in this roundup.

  • Illustrated glossary of typographic terms
  • Have headlines change lately think
  • How to get testimonials with three easy questions
  • Editing your own work, by Vanessa Ricci-Thode
  • What publishers can learn from programmers
  • 10 brain myths debunked
  • Google tools for authors
  • Diversity of American English
  • Wildflower index in Ontario
  • Spotting graphics that lie
  • Insane correlations
  • Health literacy and plain language
  • Instagram and copyright
  • Project tracking and billing tools
  • Chemistry PhD thesis as a comic book

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