Some comments from students in the 2012–2014 PDF markup and MS Word courses. Students are typically working editors with a mean of 15 years’ experience. There are a couple long comments that are kind of fun.


Big revelation! And I applied that to some work-related markup today … whee!

— JM


I just finished the first lesson and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth.

— anon.


The YouTube demos: Those are great, Adrienne!

— JB


Thanks for the basic and gentle introduction to a topic that has intimidated me for years. I just automated a process that I had been doing manually, and I’m thrilled at the time it’s going to save me as I start this new project.

— Patricia Longoria


This is an amazing class. I had no idea how much I didn’t know!

— anon.


Just sending along my week 1 course exercises. This has been great — I’ve been using PDFs to proof for a long time, but knew I wasn’t really scratching the surface of what I could do. I’ve already added a few new tricks to my bag!

— JM
I never had any idea that a PDF could be marked up without buying some expensive software, and I’ve had such fun learning otherwise.
I suspect it won’t be too long before the hard copy stuff goes away completely.
— CM
I know I’m in a profession I love when I’m so excited about some aspect of it that this is all I can talk about over pre-dinner cocktails with friends. (And yes, they pretended to be as excited, well, at least for a few minutes). Why am I so thrilled? This class!
I’ve been intimidated to use wildcards and macros since the first day I learned those words. I downloaded Paul Beverly’s “book” and macros a few months ago but was too scared to do anything with the folder except peek at the instructions. But after Adrienne’s lessons, I attempted the Polo Bear macro, and much to my happiness, after typing in my own troublesome words, bam! It worked on a client’s project. Then I wrote my own little macro to do some file clean up. It worked, too. Yippee! And then, oh my gosh, I tried that little trick of replacing “xx” in autocorrect with an oft typed author query. That one alone must have saved me half an hour today.
So, I’m gushing. I know. But many, many thanks for your help, Adrienne, from my aching rear end and lower back to my edit-weary eyes. I know I’ll actually be entering and using some of Paul’s macros now. I might even be brave enough to try those macros recently written for the Mac at Editorium.
— Thressa Smith
I am thrilled to have expanded my knowledge and skill set. It gives me more confidence when looking into new-to-me writing and editing opportunities.
— GK


Thanks so much for this great course! I will definitely be using macros, wild cards and more keyboard short-cuts to make my on-screen editing more efficient, and I’ve already shown some of these tricks to a colleague.

I would advise others to put the time into learning macros and other more advanced tools in Word and Acrobat. It may take awhile at first, but I think it will really improve productivity, accuracy, and ultimately, profitability.

I’m so glad I took this course.

— SW


I just finished the second lesson and I am still loving this course–so many cool new tricks to learn! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the things you have taught me–you were absolutely right about the [stamps]. I love that feature!

— CM

Thanks for putting together such an informative class and giving so much of your time.
— MK


I finally got over the fear of really getting into a pdf — thanks

— JM


Adrienne, that was exactly the problem. Thank you so much!

— DA


Thanks so much for this course. It was awesome.
 — SO
It worked. Thanks so much, Adrienne!
— EF
Many thanks for putting together an excellent course.
— MK

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