They’re more than books, they’re more than enhanced ebooks, these are self-training courses for editors. Learn the skills that will make work easier, more enjoyable, and improve the bottom line!

Self-study Titles for Technical Editing Skills

Editing in Word 365 — find a better way through Word with this multimedia instructional guide
Getting the Numbers Right — A reference/guide to spotting errors in anything numeric or geometric, without doing math!
Create your Marketing Action Plan for Freelancers with this workbook full of specific examples from successful freelance editors.


“This excellent book on Microsoft Word that’s written specifically for editors. It includes step-by-step video tutorials that illustrate the skills the book goes over. I learned much more practical information about using Word effectively and efficiently as an editor in this book than in the copyediting certificate I just finished. It’s already paid for itself many times over in saved time. Highly recommend.” — Michelle Bourbonniere of

“I can highly recommend this self-study workbook from Adrienne Montgomerie. I’ve been editing in Word for more than five years and I picked up new tips and ways of working every time I opened this guide for a session. Still refer back to it now (my brain is the non-tech-retention type!) The beauty of this as a Word resource is that it’s written with editorial professionals in mind, so all the content was relevant to my working life.” — Cally Worden

“You read, you see, you learn, and then you do. There’s no better way to ensure it’s all sunk in. …This course is rammed with useful and actionable tips on how to get stuff done and in ways that respect your preferences. …Montgomerie takes the stress away via accessible walkthroughs that even the most tech-nervous of nellies will be able to follow.” — Louise Harnby (read the full review)

“I consider myself a pretty advanced user of Word, but reading this book helped me pinpoint the areas where I could speed up my current editing workflow.” — Denise Foster (read the full review)

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A guide to spotting common problems with numbers

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

You do not have to do math to spot potential problems! This reference for quality control alerts proofreaders and copyeditors to common errors in numerical content and helps them write intelligent queries: 14,600 words, including a glossary, 22 figures, 8 tables, and 2 printable checklists.

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To request a review copy, email me with the name of the institution you teach at or where your review will be published.

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book cover: Marketing Action Plan for Freelancers

Based on the successful workshop, now in self-study form. Includes 34 case studies and 24 worksheets to help you formulate the steps in your plan. PREVIEW | Support website and exclusive Facebook group.

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cover of Meeting Professional Editorial Standards workbook, from Editors Canada

Meeting Professional Editorial Standards

The next edition is nearly finished production! Watch for Edit Like a Pro, coming soon. I did the Acrobat markup exemplars.

In the edition shown here, I updated the copyediting exercises in this workbook from Editors Canada. With discussion of the problems and possible solutions, rather than dictating one way to edit, this workbook is one of the most valuable tools an editor can use to learn and practice the tasks of editing. It’s divided into discrete types of editing too, following the definitions laid out in Professional Editorial Standards.

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To get started before these are published, try the course versions.

Macros for Editors

Based on the successful workshop, a more intermediate self-study guide to creating macros that will make Word do the heavy lifting, for a change. Coming soon.

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Editorial Niches

cover of Editorial Niches book from Editors Canada

This is the “companion” volume to Editing Canadian English, published by Editors Canada (published within 1 volume in most formats). I wrote the chapters on editing educational materials and on software for editing.

The book is available online, as an ebook, and in print. The print version is sold as a stand-alone volume. See Editors Canada for details.