about the instructor

Adrienne holding paper with a right angel and polo bearAdrienne is an experienced instructor, editor, computer support tech, and course designer. She has

  • run seminars on a variety of topics including editing, marketing, software use, and advanced first aid for fire and rescue personnel.
  • taught computer use to hospital staff and the general public since 2002.
  • designed courses to meet provincial and state standards in the maths and sciences since 1997.
  • taught computer skills specifically for editing since 2012 — geared toward different editorial tasks: structural editing, copyediting, and proofreading.
  • taught in person and online using multimedia approaches that address multiple learning styles for private companies, colleges, and universities.
  • adapted course content on the fly to suit the level of learner and learning styles.
  • designed and produced handouts, lesson plans, activities, teacher guides, course notes, and worksheets for a staggering range of topics.
  • a dynamic approach that aims to put students at ease and make no one feel left behind.

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right angels and polo bears


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