Best of the Winter, Links Roundup

This is a collection of my most favourite finds (online) this winter, originally shared via Twitter. Grouped as editing or, simply, amazing.


Oreo cookie plate tectonics. Plus, the full “geology explanations using snack foods” paper.

Eep! Pack-hunting grouper? Does this reef fish use sign language? Via


Wringing out a washcloth on the ISS (in space) and the water just hangs around with nowhere else to go.


Mantis shrimp’s incredible colour perception. Via Radio Lab podcast & now via a poster/infographic from The Oatmeal


Discovered Brain Scoop videos this week. Learned about pangolin. Whee! Have you seen a pangolin walk? Straight out of fantasy. Armadillo-ant-eater-goblin-walker video from National Geographic.


Go see this magnetic paste consume a block of metal! It’s a marvelous gif! Coolest yet today! Via @sciencegoddess More about this.


Heimlich (inventor of the choking cure) is 1) still alive and, 2) has more whacky ideas than you’d imagine. A Radio Lab podcast.


Can you tell from this typography, what each scientist contributed? Go! via @lburwash


It’s the scientific method! As applied by Sesame Street’s Yips to communicate with a phone.


“Babakiueria” is a hilarious/scary spoof on the anthropological voice, examining Whites in Australia. This was the first vid in the Aboriginal Worldviews in Education course I took via OISIE.


Also… Coursera – where you can participate in university level courses for free.


List of human anatomical parts named after people, from the ol’ Achilles tendon to the Zonule of Zinn. Via @radiolab


RT @dictionarycom: A is for Aquaman, B is for Batman, C is for Captain America… Learn your superhero ABCs here. ?


MT @cswa_news: More inspiration for aspiring ?#science ?#journalists fr Robert Krulwich’s 2011 commencment speech:


Molecules that shake alike smell alike: More support for the Quantum Vibration Scent Theory … via @sciam


MT @wiredresearch: About 40% of people allergic to latex also react poorly to kiwi & banana; they share similar protein structures.


Rawr! RT @livescience: ‘Critter Cam’ Reveals Secrets of Penguin Hunts


RT @popsci: Check out the glorious images that won Olympus’ annual microscopic photo contest. Oh, the majesty of algae!


How to break into science writing, by Bora Zivkovic on the Scientific American blog


I dream of editing swears. RT @sesquiotic: Editors: I bet you wish you had been working with this style sheet ? …


MT @copyediting: Need to persuade an author to accept edits? 7 tips in today’s News Roundup ?


Marking up PDFs like paper or using (free) Acrobat Reader’s text edit tools, the Comment List is a tool for Quality Control. vid: ?


The subtext of the editing mark-up you do. Seriously; the way you edit communicates deeply. ?


10 things that are not plagiarism ? via @storyboard_ca


What does editing mean in the magazine market? Wired magazine’s storyboard pulls back the curtain! ?


RT @stevebuttry: Download the ?#StopPlagiarism ebook, Telling the Truth and Nothing But: ?


RT @TheSfEP: “How do editors spot and accept language changes? How do we judge usage rules?” ?


Desktop publishing workflow at warp speed by @sesquiotic, with screenshots ?


Sentence fragments? Totally okay. – An evidence-filled explanation by @sesquiotic on @theweek ?


Finally, an editorial blog about the management side of the biz. How to <3 your freelancers :

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