When copying & sharing are easier, sales increase

When copying & sharing are easier, sales increase

giving handsNew research shows that removing DRM increased music sales (article). THIS is what I mean when I say “the duty to prove that a copyright infringement hurt sales” takes all the teeth out of the Canadian Copyright Act.

Giving away your writing can increase sales

Guy Gavriel Kay is a big promoter of giving away your work as a promotion tool. Mind you, he considers letting libraries carry his book to be an example of giving it away. Think of it as a way for people to discover your work. When they tell their friends, even more people discover you. That’s what he told the audience at a conference I attended a couple years ago.

Terry Fallis gives away his award-winning novels in the form of a podcast. He credits that process for a substantial portion of his success. This is how I consume his books — which I discovered when he won the Leacock award for humour. I tell everyone about his books and his podcast. His giveaway earned lots of word-of-mouth advertising — the holy grail of advertising.

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