Iceman CSI: Tales from a 5300-year-old man

So you’re hiking with some friends through the Italian Alps, and you come across this desiccated body, half frozen in the ice. What horror! How did this poor guy wind up here? Will the same fate befall your expedition?

The husband and wife discoverers pose with Otzi where they found him.
Two of the discoverers pose with Otzi where they found him.

Little do you know, this man isn’t some recent unfortunate, befalling an untimely end after getting lost, like so many hikers in this area. No, his body has been trapped, preserved by that glacier for over 5300 years. And now you and your mountaineering friends have set into motion unprecedented discoveries about the life of prehistoric man.

In my latest post on the Sci-Why blog, I scratch the surface of discoveries made about Ötzi, the iceman.

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