Standing desks for writers, editors, and other creatives

Standing desks for writers, editors, and other creatives

cardboard box standing deskltI have used a standing desk almost exclusively since I was hit by a car last year. Sitting is too painful, even on the yoga ball that has been my chair for the last 12 years. This post summarizes the standing options I considered. If you wonder why standing is so trendy/ beneficial, Google it. There are lots of articles/ blog posts out there. A few of my favourites are linked at the bottom of this post.

Laptops: All options work with a laptop.

Brand Advantages Disadvantages Cost
Work EZ (my photos)

standing desk setup with mic

  • low cost
  • adjustable
  • portable
  • folds flat
  • usable desk space below
  • screen and keyboard portions adjust separately
  • cooling fan option
  • can serve as an ergonomic platform on the couch, in bed, podium, and even in the car or train
  • must remove apparatus to adjust it
  • mouse pad far too small
  • have not found adequate setup to accommodate my large stylus mouse tablet
$40 to $70
  • adjusts with a finger
  • monitor and keyboard adjust separately
  • can handle two monitors and/or laptop as well as keyboard
  • customizable size, options, and finish
  • not portable
  • backordered
  • limited delivery area (not global)
$499 to $741
  • adjusts with a finger
  • monitor and keyboard adjust separately
  • adjusts horizontally too (fwd and back)
  • can handle two monitors and/or laptop as well as keyboard
  •  not portable
$399 to $519
Vert Desk
  • push-button adjustments
  • whole desk adjusts to standing height
  • keyboard tray option highly adjustable
  • replaces old desk
  • not portable
  • requires/uses electricity
Ikea mod
  • low cost
  • portable
  • large surface area
  • desktop is still accessible
  • not adjustable
  • limited options for distance between keyboard and screen (too small for me)
  • preset height
Custom build
  • exactly what you want
  • may not be adjustable£
$22 to $2000
Cardboard box§
  • free
  • available immediately and almost anywhere
  • portable
  • customizable size, options, and finish
  •  looks cheap

* On sale at half this price at the time of writing.

£ The ability to customize the height of both the screen and keyboard is essential. I want to be able to adjust the heights as well, because what feels right changes from time to time, depending on what is happening in my body.

The other thing I like about a desk ad-on rather than an adjusting desk is that my coffee is not at keyboard height and that I have the working space below the keyboard.

§ Or a chair, or bricks, or a pile of books. Tap into your college days for ideas. I used a box for months before deciding to upgrade.


CAUTION: Care for your feet and knees too. Standing all day is hard on most bodies, especially those that are not used to it.


Articles that I liked about standing desks for writers and editors:

KOKedit (Katharine/ Editor Mom) had a custom desk built with two working heights.

Helen Mason added a treadmill variation to her home-build.

Jane Friedman includes a treadmill variation as well.

Colin Nederkoorn’s Blog describes how to build one from Ikea components.

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