The downside of freelancing: links this week

The downside of freelancing: links this week

zipper pull by Katy Warner (CC BY-SA 2.0)It was one of those weeks where everyone posts fabulous content (me included, here and elsewhere). It was also a week full of snafus, for me. I even misspelled snafu once as sanfu. No kidding. I have watched the funny clips below several times to decompress. Here’s the list!


The downside of freelancing, from Editor Mom. Because, you’re better off going in with your eyes wide open.


Must be the sunshine, solutions for productivity are on everyone’s mind this week: roundup from TED 


I am presenting a session at this weekend’s EAC Conference in Toronto. Please tap me on the shoulder and tell me what editing adventures you’ve been getting into.


Then there’s this brilliant piece by Baltimore Sun editor John E. McIntyre: credit the writer, blame the editor, but it takes a team. Ignore the man behind the curtain — this lays it out like it is: there is no brilliant AUTHOR producing amazing works in isolation (except for me, on this blog, that is). (@johnemcintyre)


Louise Harnby clarified the role and scope of the proofreader, over on Rich Adin’s An American Editor blog: Page Proofs and the Domino Effect. And she wrote a great piece on her own Proofreader’s Parlour blog called Thoughts on proofreading and the art of leaving well enough alone. Interesting that she says “having a PDF, even when working on hard copy, is a must in these circumstances.”



It’s been a sANfu-y week. Yes, like that. I needed a laugh(s).

Dying of funny. All the best “IT Crowd” clips in one:


Erin Brenner wrote a considerate piece on about how to edit copy about disabilities.


Press releases — vetting their veracity and avoiding plagiarism, via the Poynter Institute. The Twitter summary that follows has some really great insights on what will make your release see action, straight from the journalists themselves.

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