Editor’s Office Supply Essentials

Editor’s Office Supply Essentials

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Get a printable, annotated shopping list of copy editing essentials in my Canadian, Eh? post today on Copyediting.com. Take it to the office manager to prove that you really do need those off-the-approved-list pens. Or, send her this handy Amazon list and she can just click “buy.”


Go, close your office door, and take a minute to recharge with this list.

A stroll through the stationery isles is still a guaranteed stress reducer for me, even though I own a single pen/pencil combo and haven’t used a highlighter in eons. All my editing and jots are done on screens now. I’ve only bought a single ream of paper in the last five years…

But I did restock my Post-its. They’re mostly used to flag pages in reference texts now, or to add notes to the edge of my computer screen, or obscure things on my screen. Mostly, I just like them.

Heck, back in the days of paper editing, the Scotch brand Restickable Glue Stick was on my list of office essentials. I even have an old stick of it drying up in a drawer right now.

The list includes things like a transparent ruler and binder clips too.

Next week, I’ll cover the tech essentials.

photo of stationery supplies for editing on paper

Link to my Canadian, Eh? column on Copyediting.com

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