Simple Hack to Paste New Images Into a PDF

Simple Hack to Paste New Images Into a PDF

Need to show the designer what the new image will be and where it should go? This quick demo shows you how to get a screen shot into a PDF using the stamp feature in the free Adobe Reader XI software. This process works in the paid Standard or Pro versions as well.

I’ve used this extensively this month as we’ve had to replace nearly every image in a textbook and I’ve had to paste-up the new selections from the photo researcher to communicate clearly.Tweet this quote.


Windows Users

If you are using Windows, you’ll have to look up the shortcut for taking a screen shot or snippet (and possibly download software), and you’ll use a different program to turn your screen shot into a PDF. The “creating and placing a stamp” part is the same.Photo drawing of cat hanging from umbrella in the sky

Photo by Parée, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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