Essential Tech for the Editor’s Office

Essential Tech for the Editor’s Office

Baby with a laptopTweet this quote.A shopping list of essential technology for the modern editor’s office, today, in my Canadian, Eh? column at This expands on last week’s post about “essential” stationery.

Why an iPad is essential tech for editors

Several people wrote me personally to ask why the iPad was on the clickable shopping list. Initially I bought it because I made a literacy app, but now it’s a big part of my work: to access e-book reference works, as an extra screen, for reading related to editing (professional development), and for working away from my desk:

  • extra screen for
    • source textbook / earlier edition
    • style guide
  • e-resources
    • dictionary app (OED and MW)
    • Children’s Writer’s Word List
  • on-the-road work
    • writing (using Word 365 app but I used to use Quip)
    • editing PDFs (markup)

But the other favourite apps are the iBird and StarWalk. Though keeping social media on the iPad only can be an effective way to compartmentalize your time spent on it.


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