Hockey Style in Canada

Hockey Style in Canada

close up of hockey blades and puck on a frozen pond
Tweet this post.So, apparently some big sports-like thingy went on this week. Or so my social media feeds would have me think; cryptically.

Yay, your team!

It’s winter, so I’m guessing hockey. Or maybe basketball. That’s a winter sport, right?

Not only is it that time of year, but hockey has been in the news because the city of Cornwall tore down a front-yard rink due to bylaw violations. How very un-Canadian.

Tweet this quote.Today’s Canadian, Eh? column at talks about copyediting hockey-related style. Spoiler: “Pond hockey” is a style, not a locale.

Between my lack of hockey knowledge and my advocating for dropping the practice/practise distinction, I think my exile is pretty much underway.

*Editing Canadian English is strangely silent on the topic of hockey. Really, ECE? Really? Come, we’ll keep each other company in exile. You’re generally silent on the topic of sports, and so am I. We’ll get along like [some sports analogy].

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