Niche Knowledge for Medical Editing

Niche Knowledge for Medical Editing

Unless [editors are] trained to work in that industry, that [industry] knowledge can be like the 90 percent of an iceberg that lies hidden beneath the surface. You don’t even see the currents that drive the iceberg around.

Education, law, finance, and medical (or life sciences) editing are fields that require such specialized understanding. What the medical editors need to know is the topic of my Technically Speaking column in the Feb-Mar issue of the Copyediting Newsletter (by subscription).

In this article:

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  • How to Know What You Don’t Know
  • How Much Should Medical Editors Know about Their Niches?

  • Are Editors Responsible for Following Regulations?
  • What Medical Editors Edit

  • Who They Edit For

  • The Future for BELS (the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences, and their Code of Ethics)


  • Conferences for Medical Editors
  • Standard Resources

  • Networks & associations to belong to
  • Articles and guides to plain language for medical writers

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Photo by Wp Paarz, used under CC BY-2.0 license.

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