Who Hires Music Editors (Part 5: crescendo)

Who Hires Music Editors (Part 5: crescendo)

In this final instalment, our specialists tell us where the work comes from. In this series about editing in the music niche, we’ve covered what editors work on, resources they use, their backgrounds, and common errors.

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  • Pam Smith, an editor specializing in music, the arts and humanities, management, and corporate work in Belfast, Northern Ireland @psproofreading
  • Michele Satanove, a classical-musician-turned-editor in British Columbia, Canada, who also made the title suggestions @msatanove
  • Katherine Noftz Nagel, a freelance technical writer, editor, web designer, personal tech coach, and mezzo-soprano in New York state @mwrk
  • Kate Unrau, a professional violinist and editor freelancing in Toronto @TOViolinKate

Photo by slgkgc, used under CC BY-2.0 license.

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