Fiction Editors: On Demand Training

Fiction Editors: On Demand Training

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Whether you’re just starting to dip your fingers into this creative realm or wanting to refresh or expand your skill set, these courses by experts in fiction are waiting to give you a boost. All but the couple of software use ones are notby me. They’re just terrific, and will help you. I’ve taken nearly all of them because I find cross-training valuable. Fiction techniques enhance my nonfiction work.

Talking Points: Copyediting Dialogue in Fiction I think I needed this one the most!

Editing Fiction

Fiction Copyediting Part 1: General Topics and Fiction Copyediting Part 2: Nuts And Bolts Style Sheets

Editing Young Readers

Art of the Query

Book Publishing Project Management, an Overview

Manuscript Evaluation & Critique

Editing Narrative Nonfiction

Bricklaying: Editing for structure, part 2

Coaching Writers Beyond the Copyedit

Perking Up Sentences

Copyright Permissions and Plagiarism: What Should Copyeditors Know

Mastering Style Sheets

Getting Your Facts Straight

Editing Across Devices

Editing PDF Files

Essentials of Proofreading

Triage Editing

Word Macros Without Tears

File Management and Version Control

Grammar 1: I Should Know This, But… Part 1 and part 2

Grammar Beyond the Basics

You’ve Been Punc’d Parts 1 and part 2

Inclusive Language A Practical Approach to Avoiding Bias

For the full course catalogue, go to and click “individual training.”

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