Proof in a Hurry

When a client wants a proof (test print) proofread in a hurry, focus on the weakest links:

  1. titles – cover, spine, headers, footers, chapters, and sections
  2. sequential numbering in lists
  3. labels and headings on graphics, chart, and graphs
  4. first and last word of each paragraph (for omissions)
  5. spelling of your name – and the author’s, publisher’s, etc.

Working in a hurry is never fun. You know the work cannot be as good as you would like. Sometimes there isn’t even enough time to read every word.

Work can be fast, good, or cheap; never all three.

Rush work is a compliment, though. Even though the printer is waiting, the client wants to pay you for one last look.

What’s on your “proof in a hurry” checklist? What “weak links” have you identified in your field/product?

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