Be Bossy

Be Bossy


Bossy has been getting a bad rap these days, because it’s mostly used to put down girls for qualities and behaviours that might otherwise be called leadership.

I say “be bossy”; let your leadership shine.

Erin Brenner calls this “being brave.” At least, that’s what I equate bossy with.

But when editing, you’d better flag bossy as biased language. Bossy, in this week’s “Canadian, Eh?” column on



confetti canon by Jeffery DelViscio CC by-nd 2.0 license
This marks my hundredth post. Confetti canon!!*

*It’s not my 100th post, just the 100th on this platform. There are more elsewhere, but I’m not one to pass up a chance for a confetti canon. I need a gif. Where is there a gif of a confetti canon?

Photos used in this post are (kid) by MAJ Aaron Haney used under CC BY 2.0 license, and (confetti) by Jeffery DelViscio used under CC by-nd 2.0 license.

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