10 Tips to Fight the Slog

10 Tips to Fight the Slog

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With sunny summer days upon us and the patio calling, we’re about to hit a period when it might be harder to concentrate at your desk. Whether you’re trying to check the same words for the hundredth time or just not feeling it today, there comes a time in every editor’s career when she needs a new strategy to make it to the end of the document. Today, on the Canadian, Eh? column at Copyediting.com.

Of course, lists of 10 have sex appeal. But there are other things you can try when you’d rather not edit:

  1. switch projects
  2. take a nap
  3. exercise for 60 seconds: march in place, sun salutations, 7th inning stretch…
  4. procrastiwork! Bookkeeping counts, so do marketing and learning something by reading a work-related blog (like Copyediting.com) or podcast (like this here RAPB) or points 3 through 5 below.


And for breaks, besides the weeding, I’d recommend:

  1. take a walk — to the bank to deposit your bags of money
  2. pet the cat / watch the birds
  3. call a client you haven’t heard from in a long while
  4. update your resume
  5. add the latest testimonials to your website



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Photo by Nicolas Will used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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