Career Mojo for the Unplanner (podcast)

Career Mojo for the Unplanner (podcast)

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“There is a belief entrenched in American culture that career planning is a logical and linear activity … But it’s not.” — Kathleen Mitchell


Get your mojo out of slow mo with this career-focussed episode. Career paths without planning: how to stay on top of new developments and build opportunities are covered in this episode, a considerable expansion on a series of Adrienne’s posts on the blog. It’s a longer episode: just over 18 minutes. So you should be able to get lots of dishes done while you listen.
Buckle up. Let’s go.

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Where are you looking for signs of change? What are you interested in? What is at the top of your PD list?


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The image for this episode is by David Blackwell, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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