Stop Wasting Time on Estimates (podcast)

Stop Wasting Time on Estimates (podcast)

Learn how to get a ballpark estimate on the table asap to avoid pointless estimates. That’s the topic of this episode, an extended look at a topic that I serialized on the (now defunct) Copyediting blog.

The podcast is now archived. Press play below or right-click to download the file. 14 min

Mentioned in this episode:

In this series:

  • The Art of the Upsell: using three-tier pricing to get happier clients and more income
  • Stop Wasting Time On Estimates: How to give a ballpark estimate on the fly
  • Track Your Pace to Estimate with Confidence

You might also be interested in the podcast on how to State Your Rate With Confidence. Part technique, part mind hack, and a bit of a laugh.


Extra considerations when editing educational material

Editors who develop school materials also adjust manuscripts to address these considerations:

  • learning outcomes (defined by Ministry of Education)
  • reading level of target user
  • copy fitting (and fitting content to class time)
  • Bloom’s taxonomy and deciphering ministry curriculum documents
  • cognitive development theories
  • multiple intelligences and differentiated instruction
  • assessment models
  • trends in educational theory

The image for this episode is by Alexandre Normand used under CC BY-2.0 license.

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