How to Manage Too Much Work — Surviving Crazy-Busy

How to Manage Too Much Work — Surviving Crazy-Busy

Tweet this quote.crazy busy CE graphicHow to manage too much work: strategies for surviving times of crazy-busy, as all feast-or-famine freelancers must, eventually. Today, in my How To column at

As a bonus for my blog readers, here are some of my suggestions for each strategy:

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Self-care — prioritize health

  • Sex helps you get exercise, relax, and reconnect with someone close to you. Plus, you’ll probably sleep better.
  • Baring that, get a pet, and do the other things in that list.
  • Blow bubbles — This not only forces you to take some deep, slow breaths, but the bubbles are delightful. Being silly can release a lot of tension — for you, and for those around you.
  • Retail therapy works for many people, and if you go to the right store, you can even write it off!

Delegate everything humanly possible

Prioritize Tasks

  • First, do the things readers/ users will notice most. Then work your way don’t the “it makes a difference” list until you run out of time. Read more about triage in an upcoming post.

Negotiate more reasonable deadlines

  • Just ask. Sometimes you win.
  • Baring that, vow to do whatever you can during the next lull, to prepare for the next crazy-busy time.




Photo by Bruno Brunan used under CC BY-2.0 license. Thanks to my colleague Dawn Stahl for adding the graphic element.

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