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This page contains bookmarks to Arduino and Spark code libraries and tutorials for Kingston Maker Space.

Adafruit tutorials for Arduino | Arduino | Spark | Code Favs


Download this software to make your Arduino Uno, Leonaro, etc. run.

Adafruit tutorials

A great place to begin, the circuit diagrams (set-up drawings) will get you started with blinky, beepy, twirly fun.

Arduino Lesson 0. Getting Started
Arduino Lesson 3. RGB LEDs (BLINKY recommend starting here for maximum fun. There is a kit for this at the space.)
Arduino Lesson 5. The Serial Monitor (this skill, apparently, is great for troubleshooting later)
Arduino Lesson 6. Digital Inputs (light switch)
Arduino Lesson 7. Make an RGB LED Fader
Arduino Lesson 10. Making Sounds (BEEPY music, leading to a theremin. Very rewarding. There is a kit for this at the space. Video of it in action.)
Arduino Lesson 14. Servo Motors (TWIRLY These are the motors that drive the brabeast (video).)

And eventually, you can build a piano: video of my project.

Compilation of above projects, again, all by me:


Software is run via web interface (or tinker on your mobile smartphone). This is also where you will find code libraries and tutorials.

Code Favs

The Adafruit tutorials have a lot of code snippets to use.

Add this snippet to your code to greatly improve the quality of sound from your speakers.

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