Acrobat 2023 PDF Orientation

Acrobat 2023 PDF Orientation

The new layout Acrobat has been rolling out (at random) can be pretty confusing. Help is here! This quick 7 minute orientation video will get you back up to speed. Too busy? Skip to the end for the “give me back the Acrobat I love” tip, or check the “cheat sheet” following the video.

For complete instruction on using this version of Acrobat to mark up corrections on (a.k.a. proofread) PDFs, watch and for updated courses coming soon!

Learn to Proofread in These Self-paced Courses

cover of intro to proofreading course
Start your proofreading career now, with this self-paced introduction to everything beyond spotting typos.
(Coming soon, at our new school!)
Learn everything you need to know about professional PDF markup using the free Acrobat Reader. (Coming soon, at our new school!)

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