Music to Edit By

Music to Edit By

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Tweet this quote.Music can help or hinder your editing, get genre and source recommendations in my extra post on today. Plus, you won’t believe what I listen to.

UPDATE: Ambient noise generators was one of the fun things editors listen to. Today this little app came across my desk. There are loads of free sounds available on their website such as a cat purring and several types of rainfall.

Here’s one that offers ambient sounds like “library” and “campus cafe.” And here’s an article about how ambient noise makes you more productive and the one I mentioned in the original post, about how music affects your emotions.

Also mentioned in the post:

music mapping tool will help you make your own playlist based on a particular artist.

I love that what the astronaut in Interstellar was listening to on his iPod all the time was the sound of nature. That’s what I’d miss the most. (Sorry, family.) You can get rain and frogs (several versions thereof) from the purr site.

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Photo by Fe Ilya used under CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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