Sounds for Tuning Out — rain and purring

Sounds for Tuning Out — rain and purring

It’s not just music that helps editors concentrate. Researching a post of tools for productivity had editors recommend a lot of sound generators to me. One editor found the cafe noises at Noisli highly productive without having to leave her tricked-out work station to go to an actual cafe. Writers can even use these soundscapes to help them imagine the place they are writing about.

cat by rainy window Julie Raccuglia flickr:photos:jfolsom:6053180060

Two weeks ago the boom of the sailboat I was helming came around much faster than anticipated. I have been using rain sounds to help me sleep (like 18 hours a day) while recovering from that concussion: blocking out the noise of construction and the incessant cry of the kestrel in the tree outside my bedroom window. My whole family is now using the sound of a rain storm to help them crash quickly into a deep sleep at night. We can’t say enough about the beneficial effects. So, to save us from typing these links out once again, here they are:

Rain to Sleep By, via Website

Blow your mind: use earphones and go to the cat purr on MyNoise and on the right-hand menu select “vibrations”

I am particularly fond of the Karst Cave sound.

All of these are free to use from the websites and available as iPhone apps.

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