How to Be a Friendly Professional

How to Be a Friendly Professional

Tweet this post.Relationship or relation-sink? How do you build rapport without over-sharing? Or, do you even need a personal relationship to get the editing done? Today I talk friendliness and boundaries (and the many layers of cultural sensitivities) in professional situations — in my How To column at

  • Rapport and Cultural Expectations
  • Rapport Without the Creep
  • Rapport Without Drama

Have you made friends with the writer you were editing? Did an author over-share? Where do you draw the line? Leave a comment to tell us how you handle the interpersonal side of editing, or join us over on Facebook or Twitter.


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photo art with eye superimposed on a palm, by SGT Pablo Piedra used under CC BY-2.0 license 

Photo by Pablo Piedra, used under CC BY-2.0 license.


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