How to Steer Writers Back on Topic

How to Steer Writers Back on Topic

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Since you can’t say “Seriously, $266 an hour” when a client gets off topic: advice for keeping writers on task, today, in my How To column at

Sometimes an editor really does click on a personal level with a writer. How do you keep a professional edge, preserving the objectivity needed to focus on the words? Log in to leave a comment, or join the discussion over on Facebook or Twitter. You may also want to read this previous post on being the Friendly Professional without drama or creep.

Julia Willson, who gives us her sage customer service advice this week, now edits book-length fiction and non-fiction as well as working with local businesses to polish and perfect their website copy, advertisements, menus, signage, etc. She corrects signage and menus; let’s all stop and give thanks to Julia for a moment.


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