Managing Risks in Editing

Managing Risks in Editing

Today’s post on four approaches to the myriad risks that editors face may includes the most cross references ever: 11. What would you add to the list of risks in my How To column at Leave a comment, or join the discussion over on Facebook or Twitter.

Mentioned in this post:

  1. Getting paid
  2. When there’s an error in the manuscript (aka always)
  3. Red flags that warn a project is perhaps best turned down
  4. Using checklists while editing
  5. Taking ongoing training (professional development)
  6. Getting paid might include a 50% deposit.
  7. When copy might result in libel or injure a reader
  8. Backing up files (see the June–July 2016 newsletter)
  9. Keeping notes and having a business executor
  10. Ways to lower the potential losses (to clients) because of critical illness or death
  11. The reality that their work won’t be perfect
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