How to Speed Up Editing

Work faster, and easier. Today, in my How To column at, tips for making editing more efficient.

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Mentioned in this post:

  1. Triage for Editing 
  2. Checklists for editors
  3. Macros and Paul Beverley’s free resource Macros for Writers, Editors, and Proofreaders
  4. Alternatives to macros, like autocorrect
  5. Phrase Expander (or the Mac version, Text Expander)
  6. Editor’s Toolkit Word plug-in
  7. PerfectIt Word plug-in
  8. Customize the spell checker
  9. Set aside time to learn
  10. Shortcuts in Word
  11. Track changes in Word
  12. Shortcuts for selecting text
  13. Flag edits to do later

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