Freelance Marketing Course: Action Plan for Editors

Freelance Marketing Course: Action Plan for Editors

Three Tuesdays: August 22, August 29, September 5, 2017, 1:30 – 2:45 pm EST — $150.00 US

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You love to edit, but drumming up work is your least favorite task. It’s a chore and a bit of a mystery; maybe it’s intimidating, too. Spend some time in this course coming up with a plan that suits your style, your clients, and your budget. Profit is not a dirty word, and marketing doesn’t have to be agonizing or costly. We’ll figure out how to make your services catch clients’ eyes.

In this three-part hands-on webinar, you will learn from case studies how other editors in a variety of niches market themselves, and you will start sketching your plan of attack with homework and a 50+ page workbook of exercises. At the end, you will have a

  • profile of your ideal clients
  • plan for getting noticed by ideal clients
  • plan for business cards, website, and service listings
  • draft of three items to share on social media
  • script for various marketing interactions, such as cold calls, cocktails, and referrals
  • list of your top three client bases and where to find them
  • plan of action that you can start checking off immediately (and time blocked off to do it in)

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