EAC 2014 — editors’ conference report

EAC 2014 — editors’ conference report

20140608-135947-50387313.jpgThanks to social media, I got insights from sessions I couldn’t clone myself to be in, and took notes and benefitted from others’ notes in the same session. Storify is helping me bring it all together, but because the story turned out so BIG, I’m redoing it in sections.

I can keep adding to the Storify, so send me your URLs and keep tweeting with the #EAC2014 hashtag and I’ll pick up what I like. You can also tweet me directly: @scieditor.

These reports are my conference takeaway. Your mileage may vary.

Editors’ Association of Canada conference in Toronto, June 6–8, 2014 — Tracking Change: e-Merging Methods and Markets



Erin Brenner & Adrienne Montgomerie at EAC2014
Proof that Erin Brenner and I met in real life. Yay, virtual Copyediting.com team!

Storifies by subject (These are live files, growing as more people return to their desks and post content. Come back soon):


(Handouts from my PDF markup session are in this other post.)

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