A Colour Hack to Sharpen Your Editing Eyes

A Colour Hack to Sharpen Your Editing Eyes

photo of printed text viewed through a blue ruler and a yellow ruler

Changing the background colour of your document can trick your brain into seeing the words in a whole new way. People with reading disabilities (such as dyslexia) have had great success with this hack. To change the colour, you can use

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  • a sheet of coloured acetate
  • coloured glasses
  • background colour of the onscreen doc
  • a coloured ruler

How a Ruler Can Trick Your Brain

The ruler has the added benefits of probably being at hand and of the straight edge to help you keep on track. I use this hack myself, on the rare occasion that I have to edit on paper. It’s such an effective technique that I listed this on my essential office supplies for editors shopping list.

Gamers swear that yellow eases eye strain, too.

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