How to Quote on Your First Job

How to Quote on Your First Job

So you’ve got your first inquiry for a paid gig. Con.grats! Now what?

Ahhhh! Flail around in a panic!!! (Step 1 of editing)

Step 2: stand in a superwoman pose for 2 min (I am dead serious. It’s science.)

Step 3: go read definitions of stages of editing and pace thereof. (I’m still clearing vandalism from the site, but eventually the instant estimator will be working again. You can use that to help figure out timing, but it’s based on my rate.)

Step 4: as a new starter, ask for

(the amount you need) [mathemagic voodoo symbol] (what they can pay)

You can refer to this guide otherwise.

Also, read Melanie Thompson’s Pricing a Project guide which includes great forms for project briefs and more.

Now, go get ’em, tiger. You can do this.

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