Using Character Spaces Effectively

Using Character Spaces Effectively

In the beginning, there wasn’t even space. “Writing in ancient Greece was broken by neither marks nor spaces,” writes Keith Houston on his blog, Shady Characters. “Lines of closely-packed letters ran left to right across the page and back again,” like book-length hashtags. This was called the scriptio continua. “Punctuation itself—literally, the act of adding ‘points’ to a text—did not arrive until the third century BC.”

In this Feb-March 2018 issue of the Copyediting Newsletter (subscription required), I explore the many sizes and uses of the humble space character (and how to create them).

Also in this issue:

an example of text without spaces between letters, otherwise known as scripta continua

  • In Depth: The Good and Bad of Mnemonic Devices
  • Show-and-Tell Editing: Sharing Bad News
  • Grammar on the Edge: Conjunction as well as Preposition?
  • Resources: Stock Images and Where to Find Them [includes many POC and female resources as well as free sources]
  • In Style: Project Style Sheets



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