How to change font size in Word’s Reviewing Pane Sidebar

How to change font size in Word’s Reviewing Pane Sidebar

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Tired eyes, tiny type? Bump up the font size in the Reviewing Pane to read Comments and tracked changes with less strain.

One way is to change the zoom setting in the Reviewing Pane. This doesn’t change the actual font size, but it makes it easier to read! (Instructions on increasing font size in Comment balloons are here.) Scroll down for video demos using Word 365 (2016) for Mac and for Windows.

Zoom to increase the font size

Screen capture showing Word's Review Pane where tracked changes and comments can be seen
Click image to enlarge.
  1. Place the cursor in a comment you can see in the Reviewing Pane. (That’s on the left-hand Sidebar. Read below for how to open the Sidebar.)
  2. From the View menu, select Zoom, then click 200% and OK.

How to open the Sidebar’s Reviewing Pane

There are at least four ways to open the Reviewing Pane in Word’s Sidebar: toolbar icon, Menu, Ribbon, and comment balloons. Each combination of OS + Word version = slightly different way of doing things. Below are instructions from Word 11 (for Mac). They give you the general idea, so you can search out something similar on your setup.


  • The Sidebar icon has been added to my toolbar. This is a customization. You can see it just under the red dot at the top left edge of the image at right.


  • From the View menu, select Sidebar, then Reviewing Pane.

Screen shot of Word's view menu showing how to access the Reviewing Pane


  • Click the Review Pane icon in the Changes are a of the Review Ribbon.


Word Changes area of Review ribbon


  • Click the ellipsis on any comment balloon in the Markup Area when viewing a document in Print Layout. These ellipsis marks appear automatically when there are too many balloons.
Screen capture of ellipsis buttons that appear when the Markup Area gets overcrowded in Word
Ellipsis buttons appear when the Markup Area gets overcrowded.


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Mac demo


Windows demo


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