Learn to Assess Visuals

Learn to Assess Visuals

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fall 2016 online course in editing visuals

Some resources that will help you learn to assess visuals for their ability to communicate and their suitability to the medium. Today, in my How To column at Copyediting.com, so that you can meet the professional standards of Editors’ Canada: “Recognize when graphic elements must be edited to clearly and effectively convey the intended meaning.”

Get a printable, multi-stage checklist for editing visuals and even more resources to help you learn to assess visuals.

Thanks to ECE3 contributors Yvonne Van Ruskenveld and Ashley Rayner for speaking to me about their area of expertise, and to their wrangler, visuals specialist Mary Rose MacLachlan.


Link to my columns on Copyediting.com

 masked people pointing at a giant sheep, surreal

Photo by Hartwig, used under CC BY-ND 2.0 license.

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