Review of tech tool for editors: Perfect It 3

PerfectIt 3 is out, and I put it through its paces. You can read my review on the EAC blog, Editors’ Weekly. It was a tough review, because I’m a big fan of this software and after really testing this new version and digging deeper than ever before, I found myself frustrated. But I have hope.

This relationship might take a bit of work, but I think it’s worth it. It may mean reading help files for the first time in my life; that’s how committed I am.

ribbon interface of Perfect It 3

What is PerfectIt?

It’s a Word add-in that will check a document for consistency or against a set style guide. What it is able to do amazes me. Download the free trial and see for yourself. I even keep an old PC around just to run this program (since it’s not Mac compatible).

Online Versions

There is a free checker you can run from the website, and a tool to use with Google Docs. But these are mere shadows of the full program. Don’t let those fool you.

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