Copyeditors’ Sixth Sense — Build it Now

Copyeditors’ Sixth Sense — Build it Now

Get a life. Your ‘editorial sense’ depends on it.Tweet this post.

Those “editorial senses” can lead to unbelievable “saves,” but can you hone them or are you just born with them? Start building your editorial sixth sense with this first set of tips (republished in ACES, originally from my How To column at More tips to come.

Can that “editorial sense” be taught? Tweet this post.

Tips for developing your editorial sixth sense. Tweet this post.

Start cultivating your senses, expose yourself to as much info as possible:

  • Take in everything
  • Play games
  • Be curious

Have you ever made an unlikely catch because you felt the tingle of those editors’ senses? Have you done anything to purposely develop those senses?

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