Word Tool to Check Document Structure

Word Tool to Check Document Structure

Visualize the structure of a complex document and navigate it too, using Word’s Document Map Pane. I explain how, today, in my How To column at Copyediting.com.

*Each version of Word varies slightly, so yours may not look like what’s shown here. Common ways to access the Document Map are:

  • View menu > Sidebar > Document Map Pane (shown).
  • When the Find pane is open, click the icon second from the left in that pane — it looks like a bulleted list.
  • View ribbon, Navigation icon

To find instructions specific to the version of  Word you have, search the Internet for “Document Map Pane” — in quotation marks — and the version number of Word that you use. Windows users might find these instructions helpful, or this set with screen shots of where to find this tool.

Also see next week’s post about using the Outline View to check and manage a document’s structure.

Link to my columns on Copyediting.com

 Word screen shot showing a sample Document Map Pane and where this feature is found on the View menu.


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